Online Web Hosting and Its Various Types

Web presence is absolutely necessary in today’s world and for that you would need to take the help of web hosting. It is simply a service that is needed for hosting your website so that it can be accessible to those people who are interested in your products and services.You would find that there are various types of website hosting services available in the internet and from there you can choose the web hosting service that would suit your need. The types of hosting services that are available are:Shared Website Hosting: This is the cheapest form of web hosting service available. It is cheap because many websites are run on one server and this has given the name too of shared hosting. In shared hosting the hosting company manages and monitors the server so that it runs always. You do not have to take the hassle and only have to sign up; rest is handled by the provider. This is cheap but again all the server’s resources are shared between hundreds of customers or users whose websites bring in heavy load following which the web pages load slowly.Though shared hosting is easily affordable you should be extremely careful about the hosting package that you are choosing and about the technical support that you would get.Dedicated Website Hosting: It is a sophisticated web hosting and here you can rent an entire server for yourself. You would also have all the resources at your disposal therefore you can host more than one website in that dedicated web host. Since only one customer gets an entire server therefore the customer gets more reliable services too. However, before you go for the dedicated server it is better that you select the hosting company after going through the reviews. If you get very high traffic or visitors then its suggested to opt for this because it ensures you with more reliability and uptime along with high resources which can make sure that the web pages load quickly when compared to the shared packages.Windows Website Hosting: Windows web hosting is nothing but the platform that is offered to you by the hosting services. Windows web hosting have the Windows features which are normally used by customers who build their sites based on asp and is normally useful for developers.Ecommerce Web Hosting: Ecommerce web hosting provides you with ecommerce tools so that you can carry out your businesses smoothly on the Internet. These are useful if you are running a online store and handle client based transactions because most of the data is encrypted and stored on secured servers.

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